Verona Studios Verona Studios

Pop up culture in the heart of Paddington

Art | Fashion | Food | Performance | Wellbeing

Set in a 450 sq metre location in the heart of Paddington, Verona Studios seek to redefine what a building can be. Sometimes there will be changes from week to week, often it seems to exhibit like a gallery, other times it sells like a store and sometimes a combination of both. Themed events may resemble a cultural festival and the experimental exhibition program will seek to incubate and showcase outstanding new material. Yes, big brands and retail are unashamedly part of this new story, but so is giving opportunities to artists and creative entities to contribute to the social and cultural life of this part of Sydney.

With plans to combine both Studios into an enormous performance and exhibitions space, the near future will see the Verona Studios transform into an ideal event space for art fairs, art auctions, live performance, fashion and dining.

Verona Studio 1

This is a dynamic space with a broad window frontage to Oxford St and also a wide window frontage to Verona Street. An interestingly-shaped space, it surrounds the main entry and stairs to the Cinema.  The space has high ceilings and the potential for multiple entries gives the flexibility to hive off separate sections of the space for different activities . This location enjoys constant traffic from the Cinema, the bookshop opposite and Oxford Street and while it is supremely suitable for fashion retail activities, it is the perfect space to showcase interesting art and culture.

Download a plan of Verona Studio 1

Verona Studio 2

This is regularly proportioned deep gallery space with a broad window frontage to Oxford St. The space has high ceilings and enjoys constant traffic from both the Cinema and Oxford Street. This highly flexible space particularly lends itself to displays of visual arts.

Download a plan of Verona Studio 2